The Whit Gallery


A new gallery can be found in Downtown Saint Cloud, within walking distance of many outdoor dining venues, the convention center, theaters, and public art installations. The Whitney Gallery (otherwise called “The Whit”) opened in late April 2021, with bold intentions to exhibit, promote and support local and regional artists, creatives, and innovators. Owned and operated by artist, Heidi Jeub, this space was perfect for a gallery space, due to its open floor plan, new ductwork, lighting and plumbing. “Such renovations are all an artist really wants, or NEEDS, to protect and preserve work,” says Jeub. The historic context, being a late 1800s building built by A.G. Whitney, blends well with the contemporary nature of the artwork. “These artists are making history right now, and this is the time to support them.”

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The Whit Gallery
505 W St Germain St Suite 100
St Cloud, MN 56301
Hours: Thurs 2-7 | Fri 3-9 | Sat 10- 4