How It's Made: Miniature Origami Earrings

When I designed my origami earrings, I wanted them to be simple, lightweight, and colorful. I fell in love with folding Chiyogami Yuzen paper. It's known for floral and geometric patterns, vibrant colors, and gold accents. These beautiful textile patterns are silk-screened on paper in Japan. Design patterns include flowers, trees, animals, and geometric shapes - symbolizing beauty, good fortune, and long life.

Come with me and check out my process in creating these miniature cuties! 

Step 1: Cut Paper 

Depending on the design, paper is cut into 1.25-inch squares or less. To keep track I love organizing each color in its own compartment.

Step 2: Fold

I fold traditional models by hand. With smaller folds I use chain nose pliers or tweezers to help ensure they are crisp and flat. My cat, Momo, likes to help facilitate by making sure I stay on track.

Step 3: Assemble

I seal each model with several coats to ensure durability. Once dried, I assemble with eye pins, seed beads, and titanium ear wires or stainless steel ear posts. 

Step 4: Card

I like to card each pair because it makes transportation and checkout at art markets a breeze! I use hypoallergenic ear backs to secure them to the cards. That's it! 

Thanks for following along with me on my process! Stay tuned for more behind the scenes snippets! Have a wonderful day!  

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